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 Geoelectric Instrument / Imaging Instrument

ABEM Terrameter LS

A completely new concept of geo-electrical equipment. The instrument itself let you check your data on site in the field thanks to a large, 8,4 inch, colour screen that is extremely visible in daylight. You can plot your pseudo-sections as you go. Further to that, the instrument handles up to 12 input channels for highest possible flexibility and productivity for both 2, 3 and 4 D measurements. Terrameter LS has two more channels dedicated to QC of the instrument performance. Full waveform records are stored to allow for an unmatched potential of post-processing possibilities.
Get a first glimpse below:
Terrameter LS with a plotted section of an imaging survey. Data on screen is a pseudo section for data quality control.
The basic Terrameter LS has 4 input channels and a built in switch box handling up to 64 unique electrode addresses. Thus one instrument is all you need to manage in the field for the standard imaging setup.
All you need for a standard imaging measurement!  (Note: not all electrodes and jumpers needed are present in the picture)
Further to the above mentioned features we have highlighted a few more below:
  • Robust and safe imaging system measuring Resistivity, Time-Domain IP and SP
  • Designed for high reliability and robustness under harsh field conditions.
  • Highest productivity using ABEM unique roll-a-long method and integrated GPS.
  • On-site capabilities for data quality assurance, system diagnostics and fault tolerance.
  • Superior quality in data acquisition with powerful transmitter and high dynamic range multi-channel receiver
  • Open communication platform for data exchange, internet connectivity and remote diagnostics (TCP/IP, USB)
Terrameter SAS 1000/4000 will still be available and the support the Terrameter SAS will remain unchanged.  The SAS 1000 is the best option for applications that only need one channel, as for example VES. Vertical Electric Sounding or VES is still a popular method for applications as water well surveying.


Automatic System for Resistivity and IP Imaging


  • ABEM Terrameter LUND Imaging System designed for optimum versatility in infrastructure projects and environmental studies.



  • Built-in quality control and feedback to operator.
  • Supports arbitrary cable arrangements and electrode arrays (including Wenner, Schlumberger, gradient, dipole-dipole, pole-dipole, pole-pole, square array, borehole etc.) via user defined cable description and protocol files.
  • Automated roll-along capability for 2D and 3D surveys.
  • High productivity rate thanks to speed-optimised software (particularly in 4 channel version).
  • Software includes data transfer from instrument to PC, protocol generation software, file conversion software and pseudosection plotting.



Electrical Imaging

Electrical imaging has emerged as a prime method for infrastructure projects and environmental studies in recent years, and the demand for better information is expected to continue. In such applications the following essential:


- High resolution at shallow depths.
- Automated data acquisition for cost effectiveness.
- Superior area coverage through at least two-dimensional information.
- Output presented in easily interpretable form.


The ABEM Terrameter LUND Imaging System, developed in cooperation with Dept. of Engineering Geology, Lund University , provides fast, accurate and automated resistivity imaging in 2D and 3D. The entire data handling process is automated as far as possible, including data acquisition, processing, interpretation and presentation. This is made possible by utilising state of the art technology.





Key features of the LUND Imaging

System include:
- Integrated roll-along function.
- Automatic electrode contact test.
- Option to measure IP.

System Components
- Terrameter SAS1000 (single channel) or  Terrameter LS  (multi-channel) resistivity and IP instrument, with integrated PC for full control of data acquisition process and storage of data.

- Electrode Selector ES10-64e or ES10-64 connects to the Terrameter through a single robust cable. Power supply via the Terrameter.
- Terrameter and Electrode Selector housed in rugged water-proof (IP66) aluminum housing for reliable performance during harsh field conditions. 
- Field cable set with electrodes and cable jumpers. Highly durable multi-conductor cable, terminated both ends with military standard connectors.
- User-friendly acquisition and presentation software for standard or user defined arrays.



A major advantage of the method is that it produces continuous images of the variation in properties in the subsurface. Electrical imaging can serve as an excellent basis for planning detail investigations via for example a drilling and sampling programme with optimised sampling locations. The detail investigation results can then in turn be used as a base for a refined interpretation of the electrical imaging data, leading to a comprehensive and reliable model of the underground.

Typical areas of application include:
- Groundwater resource management and vulnerability assessment,
- Mapping and monitoring of contaminated ground/groundwater
- Geotechnical pre-investigation 
- Geological mapping
- Mapping/prospecting of natural resources
- Geothermal prospecting
- Sub-bottom mapping at sea and in lakes
- Mapping of frozen ground/permafrost.
- Archaeology


Resistivity imaging is a robust method, which often produces good results even close to for example power lines and railways, in contrast to EM methods that are mostly useless near such installations. It is, however, important to realize that disturbances can occur, and that false anomalies can arise from for example metal pipes of other conductive objects in the ground.

The method is well suited for long term monitoring. A series of measurements taken at different times can give information about variations in water content, movement of pollutants in the ground, seepage through embankment dams etc.

Automated data acquisition allows a field crew to carry out complementary investigations during measurement (e.g. leveling, GPS positioning). However, the 4 channel version of the system offers very high field productivity; in standard electrical imaging it means that the major limiting factor is the pace of work of the field crew rather than the equipment.




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